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Experienced Finance Executive Charles Rial

Charles Rial
Charles Rial

Based in Montana, Charles Rial is a financial executive who has served in leadership roles at a number of consulting firms over the course of a career spanning more than four decades. Charles Rial began his career as the president of Alaska Consulting Group, where he served for four years. During this period, he helped Alaska Commercial Co. to shed 12 percent of distribution costs by streamlining its distribution system.

He established Charles Rial & Associates in 1983 and served for four years as principal. During this period, he arranged financing for fresh food market places, shopping centers, inner-city industrial park expansions, and a scenic railroad. He also advised clients about the formation of subordinated debt and early-stage seed capital funds. In 1987, the firm was acquired by Shorebank Corporation, and Charles Rial subsequently became the founding managing director of Shorebank Advisory Services.

Over the course of six years in this role, Charles Rial grew the firm’s annual sales by 32% per year and increased overall engagement size by 800 percent from its first year in operation. In addition, he added $28 million to the equity capital of Shorebank Corporation via expansion efforts in Cleveland, Detroit, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, among other areas. The consulting firm oversaw various business expansion projects and assisted clients in areas such as venture and commercial real estate financing and professional training.

After gaining additional experience at Shorebanc Cleveland Corporation and The Riverside Company, Mr. Rial launched Bass Creek Advisors, Ltd., in 2006. The firm raises investment capital on behalf of private equity and development organizations. Bass Creek Advisors has raised over a billion dollars for client funds and has exceeded the target fund size by 31 percent.